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Banks are going through a transformational change across the globe. Financial inclusion, embracing digital change, architecture of future, API Economy, Artificial intelligence, ever-changing regulatory compliance are the areas of concern for any small, mid-size or large Banks. We help Banks from all dimensions to overcome these challenges by serving them to run, manage & grow the IT Landscape with innovative banking solutions.

Tremplin’s banking expertise is aimed to help banking business processes to support variety of aspects related to these challenges.

FLEXCUBE - Core Banking Implementation

Oracle FLEXCUBE core banking solution allows banks to redefine the banking experience for the end customer and redefine the opportunities in the area of banking.

FLEXCUBE core banking solution helps deliver more sophisticated, personalized and service oriented experience to customers across all channels. It enables banks to simplify and streamline processes, track and quickly manage complex transactions, identify bottlenecks and improve customer service.

FLEXCUBE is a state of the art solution which provides a synchronous infrastructure and open development standards which are flexible in deployment and upgrade options.

Its open architecture, flexibility and ability to seamlessly integrate with other systems, including in-house banking software, make it ideal for Banks looking to maintain a competitive edge in the fast evolving Banking and Financial industry.

Flexcube Core Banking Solution

Training &
Education Services

It’s never just the machine, but the man behind the machine is more critical to keep it flying. While TCoE deploys its technology and implementation might supported by global experience, lack of sub-par user adoption is likely to be the weak link in the chain. We have identified this as the key cost and time intervention area. bfsi consuting’s TES is designed to maximise the client ROI on their investment. Banking software implementations are expensive and complex activities.

Only trained users can guarantee protection of investment in technology and enhance productivity. Our core banking training services are designed to cover bank’s training need arising from new software installation, staff expansion/turnover, new process adoption or an upgrade. TCoE provides a range of training solutions designed to help clients to maximise the return on their investment across CBS, DBS and other relevant critical domains.

During and after successful rollouts, our consultants will work closely with clients to maximise their ROI vis-à-vis the new system implementation.

These include:

Flexcube Core Banking System

System Upgrade

Most business systems undergo upgrades or an ‘overhaul’ due to operational efficiency, opportunity to lower costs, changing business needs and technology. The challenge is to upgrade to the latest software version or additional module(s) of the existing version with minimal business disruption. TCoE has successfully catered to this critical transformational need of banks by adopting a business-driven approach. Our FLEXCUBE practitioners manage the upgrade journey by assessing the existing system setup, customization changes and map the training needs for new features. This is followed by mock data migrations and testing to complete the upgrade process.

Customized Training Manuals

CBS user manuals are normally, provided by software vendors to the clients. These are rich in content, but more often than no clients are unable to use it as working guides. Our experienced consultants possess critical product and domain knowledge. This enables them to develop simple to use yet rich in content user manuals, in an optimal time frame. These are anchored in the business process flow perspective instead of the prevalent product screen perspective.These training manuals used in combination with bespoke training, help the banks maximise the CBS ROI while enhancing the user morale and retention.

Custom Development : The Banking and Financial Services implementation projects tend to operate in different business and regulatory environments. These are likely to be unique by nature. Hence, the banking solutions have to be customized to meet the requirements of these disparate contexts.

Our clients have benefited from our ‘mixed-site’ model where relevant activities are carried out in on-site and off-site mode.

With our practical implementation expertise of Oracle FLEXCUBE applications we can enable financial institutions to further leverage their ROI in CBS by providing E2E solutions for:

Flexcube Implementation in Bangalore

Bespoke Training

Even though a particular version CBS offers same features when implemented, no two banks have similar business processes. Also, since the processes have to adapt to market dynamics, overtime banks realise that a number of their original processes have changed but the manner in which their staff use CBS is still as it was when initially implemented resulting in lesser productivity and sub-optimal customer responsiveness. TCoE creates bespoke CBS training modules, which helps the client staff leverage the knowledge and familiarity with the existing system. These training modules are largely instructor-led and best suited for Greenfield Implementation and Legacy Replacement Projects.


Banking applications are highly parameter driven and built with a generic business view. Hence, an “effective” software test virtually proves to be a litmus test for any implementation solution, before it goes live. This helps assess if the on scope requirements are met with. The Testing module turns out to be a significant milestone to achieve. However, we take it a step ahead. We recommend an integration test with partner systems. This needs to be conducted with bank’s migrated data by the implementation team before the business users perform the testing (User Acceptance Testing).

In the testing phase, IT projects in banking require:

  • Optimum functional coverage
  • Quick design closure
  • Minimum bank resource allocation
  • Automation
  • Our clients have benefited from our ‘mixed-site’ model where relevant activities are carried out in on-site and off-site mode.

    Accelerated case preparation using pre-built ‘test pack’ for key business functions

  • A robust and proven framework for reliability and success
  • Testing Process Workflow
  • Our clients span the spectrum from end users to integrators to vendors. Our assistance in testing space includes:

  • Testing Strategy and Design
  • Test Pack Preparation & Automation
  • Banking Software Vendor Management
  • System Integration Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Offshore Testing
  • Our knowledge of banking systems and our relationships with specific vendor enables us to liaise directly with the vendor support team, thereby enabling us to provide end to end management of the incident resolution process from issue diagnosis and recording the findings, testing, packaging and release of units.

    Flexcube Consulting in Bangalore

    Offshore Testing

    It is well known that most businesses face critical software errors resulting in huge repair costs and loss of profits. It is also true that the relative cost of fixing an error in production is far higher (about 70%) as compared to repairing it in earlier stages of implementation – in SIT/UAT. However, execution of comprehensive software testing internally is a daunting task for most institutions. This could be due to the business users' time spent in other priority tasks, insufficient testing and application expertise. To address the above challenges, bfsi consulting provides its clients with an opportunity to conduct testing at its offshore facility in Bangalore, India. Our domain and testing expertise will help banks to attain better functional coverage, bring rigour and transparency in test management and reporting, increase productivity and lower costs. In this model a test SPOC will be stationed at the client site. The SPOC will report to the bfsi consulting's Project Manager and have a delivery lead from offshore. The offshore delivery lead will drive a team of test consultants. All client communications will be handled primarily by our test SPOC. The test SPOC will be the counter part for client side test management activities.

    Application Support

    During the relevant lifespan of a CBS (7-10 years), a number of internal and external triggers in the form of compliance, interface extensions, technical infrastructure upgrades, new business functionality, planned releases and reporting require ongoing system maintenance.

    TCoE offers cost effective and flexible support within agreed SLAs covering:

  • Functional business support
  • End-user support
  • Release packaging and patch application
  • Incident management with vendor
  • SIT/Regression testing for planned releases/upgrades
  • Custom development
  • Flexcube Training Center in Bangalore
    Trempplin Pvt Ltd 4, 4-1, 1st Main Rd, Rajaji Nagar Industrial Town, Rajajinagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560010
    Trempplin Pvt Ltd 4, 4-1, 1st Main Rd, Rajaji Nagar Industrial Town, Rajajinagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560010

    Copyright 2019 © Trempplin Centre Of Excellence. All rights reserved.

    Copyright 2019 ©Trempplin Centre Of Excellence. All rights reserved.