To some people, this simple quote is an inspiration, to some it’s an eye-opener to others it gives purpose.
Kalmesh Kallur, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Trempplin Infotech a.k.a KK has lived his life off the edge. He is a hustler, never takes a no and believes in possibilities.

My Story

“From his humble journey in Belgaum, North Karnataka as a farmer’s son, studying for a better tomorrow to being an engineer, and later an Oracle employee, but his restlessness to grow made him a Co-Founder & MD of Trempplin Infotech, Kallur provides a lesson in uprightness and versatility. Through hard work, and a reputation for remaining true to his internal moral compass, he was able to build a business domain that includes: Training and Deploying Students & Professionals, Banking, App Development, Digital Marketing, Staff Augmentation with clients globally.”

Kalmesh Kallur

Hard work

Today, Trempplin has around 250+ employees and a reputation that continues Trempplin to its glorious 5 years. The anecdote of Kallur walking around the streets of Bangalore to save five bucks in the early ’90s motivated him to the never quitting attitude.

He says “I know how difficult it is to find a job, so I have a company that can take care of holistic training, compiling candidates’ resume, and offering them with a job”. Trempplin offers unmatchable training and expertise in core banking software Oracle Flexcube and recently, Trempplin has come up with its digital learning platform TreOnn.

As Kallur recalls that there’s been a substantial amount of up’s and down’s while running the business but he never did lose his hope to come out stronger. Kallur adds, “At Trempplin, we are a family. I make sure that I spend time with my team, eat with them, talk to them also sometimes scold them”. Laughs!!

He wants to inspire students who are fresh graduates and are confused about their career or job or lack perspective in their life. Kallur envisions training students and professionals and deploying them to MNC’s and their partner network.

Nonetheless it stops there, during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Kallur learnt the power of digital marketing being the “mitochondria”. His organisation created a Digital Marketing team of vibrant professionals to set a new benchmark in the domain.

He states “Trempplin today stands at rising success and it’s not by myself. I have to applaud my team, it’s their hard work that we are here today. I have reached for the stars but I also want Jupiter and Saturn with me”.


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